Med 24×7 is your answer to any kind of medical emergency situation in India. An organized paramedic force with trained, certified and qualified paramedic and EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians), we provide 360 degree holistic solutions to anyone in need of medical attention. The organization has been systematized to be at the “beck and call” of the consumers. Med 24×7 is the one-stop solution for all medical needs and even more active, reaching JIT (Just-In-Time) during medical emergencies. From buying medicines to trauma care assistance, home care services to senior citizen assistance, we are here to provide an end-to-end solution to all your medical woes.

“Health is like Money, we never have a true idea of its value until we Lose It” – Josh Billings.

The seed of this whole venture was implanted looking at the different medical issues faced by the common man in their day-to-day lives. Medical emergencies have not even spared the most healthy and fit. The Directors of MED 24×7 have witnessed personal medical emergencies themselves, which led them to think how to deal with such issues effectively and also help others in need of medical attention. Everyday newspapers and the visual media come up with stories of medical emergencies where the patient and their families are helpless. In worse cases, “lives are lost”!

MED 24×7 have come into the picture to save lives by providing 360 degree holistic solutions to one and all. People from all walks of life have faced medical emergency at some point of time. With the help of eminent Doctors & prominent figures of the health-care industry with decade long expertise handy, robust infrastructure in place with diversified & compassionate human capital & rendering just in time quality services, MED 24×7 has accessed the gap of medical care in India. We have therefore, come up to be the 1st ever organized, structured and systematic paramedic force offering Indians affordable premium quality solutions 24x7x365 days.

Our Journey

Our Mission & Vision

With a steadfast mission to spread good health and timely interventions during medical emergencies 24x7x365 days, our vision has become more resolute. The forethought is to provide Indians with a dedicated and dependable paramedic force that’s powered with advanced technologies and open to the idea of innovative healthcare practices.

Med 24×7 is aiming to offer a mechanism rendering 360 degree paramedical services to meet the emergencies at indoor or outdoor locations, round the clock, round the year. Therefore, we believe in a strong code of conduct based on a set of uncompromised core values.
  • Trust
  • Accountability/ Responsibility
  • Consent for patient care
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Compassion

Code of Conduct

How are we different?

A complete 360-degree holistic solution, JIT (Just-in-Time) coming from an organized paramedic force during an emergency medical situation, makes us different from the rest. Just a phone call or a mouse click is enough to get in touch!

Let’s talk more about our uniqueness:

  • We are here to handle any medical crisis or emergency 24x7x365 days. Our paramedic force is the first organized, systematic and structured medical service provider in India!
  • We are not a hospital, clinic, diagnostic centre or a medical store, thus we don’t have a direct competitor. Our concept is 360-degree holistic solution, that is, an amalgamation of all kinds of medical care and assistance one will require at the time of need. WE ARE OUR OWN COMPETITION!
  • Premium quality services and products at cost effective prices, right at the nick of time is our forte. Whether it’s E-Pharmacy or Brick & Mortar Stores, Home Care Services or Senior Citizen Care, we ensure our services are at your “beck & call”.
  • Med 24×7 has a one-of-a-kind medical app. It’s an encyclopedia on informative with medicine composition and dosage information. The extra edge comes in, as we provide with options for alternative economic medicines. However, the patient is the ultimate decision-maker with no external influence or stimuli but plain information sharing.
  • The Med 24×7 digital platform will also feature Network Ambulance assistance in the coming days and this is the first-ever initiative in India.
  • The Med 24×7 Senior Citizen Assistance Program comes with a professional yet personalized and compassionate touch.
  • All our service offerings are available 24x7x365 days.

Our “Robust Paramedic Infrastructure” across the country is certainly a “cut above the rest

Chairperson’s Message

Med 24×7 is the dream project of Mr. Aniruddh A Basu, the business enthusiast & a corporate professional with a heart. He can talk passionately about the paramedic force working 24x7x365 days for hours, but here is just a small note from him.

“A medical emergency in the middle of the night can render even the richest and the most influential man helpless. Emergencies don’t come with a warning, but Med 24×7 will come to your rescue within a short notice. Our paramedic initiative is the first organized 360-degree holistic solution with trained and certified experts to assist any kind of medical crisis. The cost of our services and products has been minimized, as we want to help every Indian to be a part of our program”, says Founder & Chairman of Med24x7, Mr. Aniruddh A Basu.

Our Team

Mr. Sandip Bhattacharjee

With over 45 years of end to end retail experience in the healthcare domain, Mr. Sandip Bhattacharjee is an extremely well verged professional to channelize the available resources in the right direction, in order to deliver the day-to-day and long-term operations, and financial success of a retail business. Leadership, efficient in building robust processes, well- equipped in optimal utilization of resources, expertise in building extremely skeleton, viable & sustaining models for retail operations, analytical approach in dealing with strategic affairs and grievances are a few traits that best define him. He is the man behind the retail orientation of MED 24x7.

Mrs. Aparupa Bhattacharyya Basu

The Co-Founder & Director, Ms. Aparupa B Basu has a very diverse profile from being a HR professional to an entrepreneur who has started her corporate journey with Senior Human Resource Management role from industries like Steel to Academia. She is an epitome for Human Capital Management. She is artistic and has the creative flair, thus bringing in out-of-box & innovative ideas to business ventures with her association.

Mr. Manas Chakraborty

A sound banking & finance professional with decade long experience helping medium to large scale organizations plan their short & long-term financial goals. Mr. Manas has served Leadership roles in various Corporates which includes business building, growth, turnaround, fund raise, strategy, and many a significant areas of business with cost & revenue implications etc.

Mr. Nitin Naygandhi

A qualified Chartered Accountant with 7+ years of experience working with industry leaders into hardcore Accounting, finance & taxation. Nitin has extensive industry exposure into financial reporting, taxation, auditing, cost management, corporate finance. He is well equipped with handling accounting processes and systems & channelizing the energy of the finance teams into the right direction.

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