Evolution of the idea – The Eureka Moment

Looking at the daily medical emergency hassles and ugly turn of events in the lives of the common man, led to a ‘Eureka Moment’ for Mr. Aniruddh A Basu. He understood that every second person had faced medical emergencies and had no one to approach for rapid help. After joining forces with Mr. Sudipto Basu, Mr. Sumit Keshan and Ms. Aparupa B Basu, the idea behind MED 24×7 was conceived to bridge the gaps in the healthcare industry. Hence, came up MED 24×7, an organized and structured paramedic force in India to take care of any kind of medical emergencies and crisis, JIT; to prevent from death or disability and uplifting the quality of life.

What is MED 24x7?

An organized and structured Medical Emergency Management System, MED 24×7 is the point of contact for any kind of medical emergencies. We are at your ‘beck & call’ 24x7x365 days providing 360-degree holistic medical solutions at an affordable cost. No delays and no excuses, we arrive JIT (Just-In-Time) with an end-to-end solution for all your medical worries.


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