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A medical emergency is an unforeseen injury or illness  (physiological or psychological) requiring immediate medical care.

Med24x7 is India’s emerging health-tech Company offering an organized paramedic force for medical emergencies 24x7x365days & delivering end-to-end healthcare solutions with the ease of technology.
The organization focuses on the provision of immediate medical interventions thru its integrated technology platform to stabilize patients and prevent death or disability.


Our project aims to create a 24-hour emergency care system that helps patients cope with medical issues swiftly by delivering efficient treatments using the JIT (Just-in-Time) methodology.

The solution we bring on board thru an integrated technology app:


Med24x7 Stores – A multispecialty unit with diversified  inventory, Doctors & Specialist's Clinic with support services integrated to  e-tail app


MED HUB Clinics are associated with every retail store.


MED membership scheme-  An innovative approach to paramedic emergency facility linked to, medical emergencies, hospital admission, ambulance services, specialist appointments, and medical insurance all integrated under e-tail platform.


Medical equipment rentals – electrical & non – electrical segments. 

Med Home care services- Doc on call, a nurse on call, & Doctor consultation on the phone, elderly care program, Radio Ambulance –ALB, BLS, PT & 2-wheeler EMTs as 1st respondents.
24x7 access to inexpensive, high-quality medical treatments, we want to be India's first structured and efficient paramedical system for medical crises.


The E-Market Size

India's domestic pharmaceutical market is expected to reach US $42 billion in 2021, US$65 billion in 2024, a 54% increase, and US$120-130 billion by 2030, a 2X increase. To spur further growth in this sector, the Government of India launched "Pharma Vision 2020" with an outlay of US$951 million and a US$1.3 billion fund to boost domestic manufacturing of pharmaceutical ingredients in FY21-30.


According to a recent EY report titled 'e-pharma: delivering better results,' e-pharma companies are expected to reach a combined market size of US$2.7 billion by 2023, up from approximately US$360 million today, representing nearly 750 percent increase. This will increase e-market pharma's share to only 4.1 % of the total pharmaceutical market in terms of value but on an exponential growth trajectory.


The internet penetration and smartphone ownership, as well as the ease with which medications and other healthcare services can be ordered via our e-tail e-commerce platform, are the primary growth drivers for the e-pharma market.

The e-pharmacy industry is expected to grow significantly over the next four years, owing to the government and families' renewed emphasis on healthcare spending and increased consumer preference for I.o.T. It will not only add value to customers but will also generate a slew of future B2B opportunities.

By making healthy habit modification safer and more convenient, e-pharmacy will be the next big revolution. A technological innovation that has positioned itself as an attractive model in the online health sector, which is predicted to generate substantial future demand.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown restrictions and social distancing are driving factors for over-the-counter and prescription medicine purchasing online.

According to an EY report, India's potential e-pharmacy market will grow from $9.3 billion in 2019 to $18.1 billion in 2023.

Google search volume for Covid19-related health items increased to200 percent, according to Adobe.

The expansion of the e-pharmacy industry can be attributed to increased internet usage, improved access to online services, and the growing use of e-prescriptions in clinics, hospitals, and health care services.

The rising breadth of e-commerce has enabled e-Pharmacy to attract a broad global consumer base. This generation mainly relies on online retailers for things like cosmetics and prescription drugs. Due to new information technologies and algorithms that deliver a better experience and consumer pleasure, there are many companies worldwide. New artificial intelligence-based solutions are expected to improve market customer satisfaction. All of these factors are driving the global e-Pharmacy market.

The global e-Pharmacy market will benefit from rising chronic disease incidence and increased awareness of online pharmacies. Also, e-prescription is a simple and convenient process in pharmaceutical companies.
Government agencies' attempts to obtain regulatory agreements and ethical standards in e-pharmacy are likely to create profitable commercial prospects for global
e-Pharmacy market players.

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