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The Team


Aniruddh A  Basu             
Founder &Managing Director

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Welcome to the world of Mr. Aniruddh A Basu, a distinguished figure with two decades of invaluable experience in the corporate sector. As the former Vice President/National Business Head of Brand Activation at Radio Mirchi (ENIL)-The Times Of India Group in Mumbai, Mr. Basu has left an indelible mark on the industry.


His illustrious journey continued as the Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer for Smaaash Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a Sports Entertainment firm endorsed by the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. Notably, he has also held key supervisory roles at ICICI Ltd, showcasing his prowess in various facets of the corporate landscape.


However, Mr. Aniruddh A Basu's entrepreneurial spirit couldn't be confined to traditional corporate realms. Driven by passion, he founded Med 24x7, a testament to his commitment to making a meaningful impact on society.


Med 24x7 is not just a venture; it's a manifestation of Mr. Basu's heartfelt dedication to addressing a critical need in our society.


The paramedics associated with Med 24x7 are not merely responders; they are guardians of life, operating 24/7 with unwavering commitment and expertise.


In Mr. Basu's words, "Even the most extravagant and persuasive individual may find themselves vulnerable in the face of a medical issue late at night. Emergencies, however, do not come with a warning; Med 24x7 stands ready to act within an immediate response time frame."

The essence of Med 24x7 lies in its paramedic movement—a concept meticulously refined through a 360-degree comprehensive course of action. Equipped with a team of skilled and prepared doctors, Med 24x7 ensures a swift and efficient response in any emergency situation.


Welcome to a realm where corporate acumen meets genuine passion for societal well-being.

Welcome to Med 24x7, where every heartbeat matters, and every moment counts.

Helicopter Rescue Team

The Paramedic Team


Step into the realm of unwavering dedication and excellence at Med24x7, where our paramedic experts redefine the very essence of emergency response. Within our organization, we have crafted a distinctive approach that seamlessly merges the power of teamwork with individual excellence, setting new standards in the provision of emergency medical care.


In the face of crisis, our medical attendants would not just respond; they will act as cohesive team members first, understanding the power of collaboration in delivering swift and effective care. At Med24x7, our team selection will be a meticulous process, focusing on competence, active participation in training and development programs, and the ability to apply skill sets seamlessly in times of crisis.

We believe in more than just emergency response – we believe in empowering individuals with educational insights that will enable them to thrive even in the face of adversity. Med24x7 is not just an organization; it's a beacon of knowledge and preparedness.

Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) embody self-sufficiency, ensuring that the care they provide is not just competent but contextually relevant. Their qualifications surpass the minimum standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every aspect of emergency healthcare.


At Med24x7, we don't just respond to emergencies; we anticipate, prepare, and deliver care with a level of expertise that sets us apart.


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