24x7 Emergency Medical Services (including Tactical Rescue Services)

Emergency medical situations need immediate medical care by trained paramedics and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). The contact centre for emergencies has been simplified with a ‘single point of contact’ along with systematised co-ordination for incident management and any kind of critical situation.

  • MED 24×7 is the first responder for any kind of calamities and casualties. Proper life support equipment and on-spot Doctor & nurse assistance is provided to salvage the situation for becoming more serious. For critical care patients, intensive care is offered on the spot with the help of advanced technologies and life-supporting equipment.
  • With ‘Doctor on Call’ facility, MED 24×7 ensures the best qualified and most experienced Doctors are available to the patients in critical situation, at any point of time, 24x7x365 days.
  • As a part of health-care facilities and transferring patients to hospital and back, BLS and ALS Ambulance services are also available.
  • For hazardous and hostile situation, our Tactical EMS Unit provides lifesaving care and appropriate medical attention.

24x7 Pharmaceutical Supplies

24x7x365 days Pharmaceutical Supplies is something that’s done in an organised and systematic way only at MED24x7. Most of the medical stores shut down at the usual hours and a few that are open, do not provide with ‘Home Delivery’ service in a smooth fashion. Delays might make the medical condition more critical and that’s where our paramedic force steps in. Our Pharmaceutical Supplies include:

• Prescribed drugs, vaccines, appliances and over-the-counter medicines.
• Veterinary medicines and vaccines.
• Sports and fitness equipment. • Ayurveda and other Wellness products.
For Pharmaceutical Supplies, knock us anytime 24x7x365 days, at:

  • Retail chain stores of MED 24×7
  • Kiosks
  • Mobile Medicine Vans
  • Wholesale Warehouses
  • Vending Machines

For home delivery of standard medicine orders it takes 2-4 hours, while SOS medicine delivery can arrive anytime from 15 mins to 1 hour depending upon the proximity.

24x7 Specialized Treatment Clinics

Walk into the Specialized Treatment Clinics of MED 24x7 and one will be amazed at . the quality medical service provided. From diagnostic evaluation, its treatment and proper management of health conditions, the ‘Outpatient Service’ is one of the best grade and optimal health services provided in India. Renowned and well equipped Doctors along with nurses and paramedic staff assesses the patient completely and gives an exclusive report of the health chart, stating the issues of health along with the treatment options, one can opt for! The ‘outpatient’ can certainly opt for this 24x7x365 days Specialised Treatment Clinic and benefit from the services offered. With the best healthcare staff at the ‘beck & call’, nothing certainly can get better than this 24x7 arrangement.

24x7 Specialized Care for Senior Citizens / Elders

Senior Citizen Care needs special touch and intrinsic attention. Emotional happiness along with scheduled health check-ups and medical assistance can make the elderly lead a more fulfilling life. Our Senior Citizen Care Program has been designed with utmost care and tailored to suit the needs of each and every elderly person. Here is a brief of what comes to the table.

  • Monthly health check-ups at home.
  • Diagnostic lab tests and lipid profile and sugar tests at home.
  • Assistance in absence of kin or in time of any emergency (as and when required).
  • Buzzer watch for health monitoring.
  • Personal care tailored and customised as per the needs of the individual.
  • Emotional support and companionship are rendered by lifestyle enrichment programs, like connecting with like-minded people of the same age group. Increased social engagement and interactions act as emotional stability for the elderly who seem happier and more connected together.
  • Proactive care and medical assistance provided for Alzheimer’s/ Dementia patients.
  • Physical exercises like walking, yoga, meditation along with, relaxing treatments like physiotherapy and spa is planned to promote the overall health and well-being of the elderly.
  • Nutritional counselling, diet charts are provided. Supervision of medicines, vaccines and injections by trained nurses and medical staff ensures optimal health.

Other Services


24x7 Home Medical Care Services

The expensive hospital bills can drive a hole through the pocket of the common man. With MED 24x7, the hospital expenses go down manifold, as Home Medical Care Services are available for 24x7x365 days a year. The services that are provided have been slotted down to different sub-heads: Critical Medical Care This plan is designed for critical patients exclusively. The plan includes:

  • Regular health check-ups.
  • Diagnostic lab tests as per the requirement
  • Doctor Visits at home (regularly).
  • Customised personal care is provided as per one’s needs and requirements.
  • Nursing for patients with CPAP, BiPAP and high oxygen equipment and also for ventilated patients with tracheostomy is provided.
  • Nutrition management, bowel and bladder management with internal feeding is managed with the comfort of your home.
  • Pain management, physiotherapy for motion and muscle strengthening is also an aspect of the health care plan.
  • Lastly, vaccination, injections and medicines are administered with utmost care and discipline. Basic Nursing Care
  • Customised care as per the needs of the patient and also assistance with the daily chores and tasks.
  • Bowel and bladder management along with assistance for speedy recovery is handled with a well-managed wellness plan.

Managed Health Care and Wellness Services – Membership Plans

Med 24 x7 Annual Membership Plan contains:

  • Health Insurance Coverage, including Senior Citizens
  • Accidental Insurance Coverage
  • Routine Full Body Medical Check-ups and Doctor Consultation
  • Nutritional Consultation (including Weight Loss / Gain plans) and make the recommended diet available, so it is easy to follow. Assist with lifestyle changes wherever required
  • Physical Fitness Consultation and subsidized pricing on products and discounts on Fitness Centre memberships. Motivate and assist with achieving fitness goals
  • Priority access to 24×7 Emergency Medical Services (not Tactical rescue services
  • Privileged free access 24×7 Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services
  • Highly Discounted Rates on Pharmaceutical Supplies, with exclusive supply of medicines not readily available in the local market, but could be imported • Discounts on FMCG or CPG products, to legally allowed limits
  • Unrestricted access, for a limited period of time, to premium services like 24×7 Specialized Care for Senior Citizens / Elders and 24×7 Home Medical Care Services

However, the membership plan can be customized as per one’s needs and suitability! ​

24x7 Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

Non-Emergency Patient transportation to the hospital and back is also one of the things we specialise in! Any patient with medical needs and unable to go through the hospital with regular transport, can avail our ambulance transportation facility at any given point of time. Prior bookings are welcome and even a phone call on the same day or at the hour of need will suffice. Not only transportation to the hospital, patients are even given assistance to reach any HealthCare centres from their home. This facility is available round the clock 24x7x365 days. Pregnant women transportation to the nearest health care point or home dropping for the mother-child is also provided. Lastly, corpse transportation via railways, roads or air is arranged in a systematised manner.


24x7 Medical / Monitoring Equipment renting and maintenance

Monitoring, renting and maintenance of ‘medical equipment’ is also done and handled by the medical staff of MED 24x7. Home Medical Care services would offer the same services that hospitalisation provides. That’s why, we offer renting of ‘medical equipment’ at subsidised rates and proactively monitor the devices for smooth functioning.

  • Rent Equipment as advised to treat the medical condition of the patient
  • Regular cleaning and preventive maintenance of such rented equipment
  • Proactive monitoring of IoT enabled devices, to identify errors and take corrective action
  • SOS Maintenance of such equipment at minimal charges

Mobile Medical Units

The remote areas that are unreachable like rural India, medical facilities are scarce. MED 24x7 plans to reach out to every Indian at every nook and corner of the country who are deprived of the medical attention and quality resources. Mobile Medical Units would be available to provide medicines, vaccines, injections. Not to forget, MED 24x7 also plans to come up with Health Check-up Camps and regular facilities for patients to walk-in anytime. One will get the assistance of qualified & experienced Medical specialists and reputed Doctors for emergency care and non-emergency cases.


24x7 FMCG or CPG Supplies

MED 24x7 makes it easier and more cost-effective for people all over India, to shop for FMCG or CPG products. All kinds of dry goods, toiletries, cosmetics, over-the-counter medications are all provided under one-roof at minimal prices. Regular consumers of MED 24x7 would further get a slashed discount on FMCG supplies. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) have a high consumer demand and are not easily found everywhere. Things get easier when one shops from an all-in-one store that’s open 24x7x365 days.


Medical Loans

MED 24x7 doesn’t want money to come in the way of your treatment. Medical emergencies like surgery, chemotherapy and other intensive medical procedures can require a lot of money. Health does not need to be compromised for shortage of monetary resources with the Medical Loan Scheme proposed by MED 24x7.

  • Powered by our Business Partner
  • Co-branded card for a single family up to 5members
  • 0% Scheme available (for 9/36 months)
  • Parents covered
  • Allopathic and Non-Allopathic medication is covered
  • Bariatric, Cancer, Cosmetic, Dental, Skin, IVF, Eye, Hair Care & more…
  • *100% Cashless option available
  • Top-up up to *RS. 5,00,000
  • With low interest rate applicable from the 2nd year of enrolment and low EMI, our Medical Loan scheme has other beneficiary features as well.
  • Easy loan application procedure and timely & hassle-free approval.

24x7 Toll Free Contact Centre

  • Truly manned Contact centre, with not more that 10 secs of waiting time
  • 1800 – Toll Free Number, reachable from all service providers

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