Med24x7 Pharmacy Store & Doorstep Delivery Service

Pharmacy Counter
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All Med 24x7 Pharma stores will be operational day & night and doorstep delivery service will be made available even during the night hours. The 24x7 delivery store will have

  • Prescribed drugs, vaccines, appliances, and over-the-counter medicines.

  • Veterinary medicines and vaccines.

  • Sports and fitness equipment. 

  • Ayurveda and other Wellness products. 


For Pharmaceutical Supplies Consumers can now  order via the following:

  • Dedicated call number, 

  • Med 24x7 mobile app

  • Retail chain stores of MED 24×7

  • OTC products will be made available thru Med 24x7 Kiosk & Vending Machines 

  • Mobile Medicine Vans placed at strategic points

  • Wholesale Warehouses


The major intent of this service is to have the medicine supply available at all times during the day and night and more so made available at the comfort of doorstep within the shortest possible time to give the quickest relief to the patient community. Sometimes delays make the medical condition more critical and that’s where our 24x7 delivery mechanism intends to step up.​


The home delivery of standard medicine orders it takes 2-4 hours, while SOS medicine delivery can arrive anytime from 15 mins to 1 hour depending upon the proximity.