Med 24x7 Equipment Rental Or 

Sale With Maintenance Plan

Sale, renting and maintenance of ‘medical equipment’ is also done and handled by the medical staff of MED 24x7. Home Medical Care services would offer the same services that hospitalisation provides. That’s why, we offer renting of ‘medical equipment’ which are of the following at subsidised rates :


  • BI-PAP &, CPAP Machine

  • Oxygen Cylinders & Oxygen Concentrator 

  • Wheel Chairs

  • Cardiac Monitor

  • Syringe Pump

  • Pulse Oximeter

  • Ventilator

  • Manual/ Motorised bed

  • Crutch 

Our technicians will proactively monitor the devices for smooth functioning & the  equipment rental service will be available 24x7x365  and will be delivered at one's residence and set up of the same will be done.

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