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24x7 Health & wellness package plan with cashless health insurance benefits


Med 24 x7 Annual Membership Plan contains:


  • Benefits for Cashless Health Insurance, along with Paramedic wellness program.

  • Insurance Coverage for Accidents

  • Routine Full-Body Medical Examinations and Consultation with a Physician

  • Nutritional Consultation (including Weight Loss / Gain programs) and distribution of the suggested diet in an easy-to-follow format.

  • Assist with any necessary lifestyle adjustments.

  • Consultation on physical fitness, discounted price on goods, and savings for fitness center subscriptions.

  • Motivate and help individuals in attaining fitness objectives

  • Priority access to emergency medical services (not tactical rescue services) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Pharmaceutical Supplies at Significantly Reduced Prices, with a unique supply of medications that are not widely accessible in the local market but may be imported

  • Discounts on consumer packaged goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG), subject to legally permissible limitations.

  • Unrestricted access, for a limited period of time, to premium services like 24×7 Specialized Care for Senior Citizens / Elders and 24×7 Home Medical Care Services


However, each membership plan will be customized and determined by the respective individual's health check-up by the insurance body.​

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