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Med Hub 24x7 Care Clinics will employ recognized and well-equipped physicians, as well as nurses and paramedic personnel, to thoroughly evaluate the patient and provide a unique report of the patient's health chart, including any health concerns as well as treatment choices available.


If patients are unable to attend the clinic due to pain or poor health, our team of physicians will visit them at their homes on a prepaid appointment service fee basis and treat them there.

All prescriptions will be scanned digitally and stored in the patient's digital file, which he or she will have access to through a password given to them. Patients may also choose a video consultation service through a pre-paid video conferencing facility for a time period of ten minutes per patient for preliminary inquiry reasons only.


Med Hub 24x7 Care Clinic's mission is to offer the highest quality healthcare at a reasonable price and to do so by making services available at the patient's beck and call around the clock.

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