Health is wealth and good health should never be compromised at any cost or due to any delay!

MED 24×7 is one-of-a-kind Medical Service Provider and the 

first ever structured and organised Medical Emergency 

Management System in India. 

Our paramedic unit is unique and ‘a cut above the rest’. 

1st ever Organised Paramedic Force in India consisting of a structured and systematic paramedic force can save a life in time during emergencies.

Reaching the critical patient JIT (Just-In-Time) with trained and certified EMTs is our forte. 


Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres and medical stores aren’t our direct competitors. Our concept is entirely different. The model of Med24x7 is to offer a 360 degree holistic solution providing all kinds of medical assistance and care giving instant relief within the shortest possible time.

Easily accessible 24x7x365 days​

In the middle of the night or at the wee hours of the morning or at midday, call MED 24x7 anytime and our paramedic unit will come to the rescue. We are just a phone call away or just a mouse click and even a tap on our customised MED 24x7 app can alert us of your medical distress. Our trained and skilled paramedic force reaches on time to give the patient instant relief and do as required for saving lives or preventing from disabilities.

Cost-effective services and products

Access to medical resources can be expensive. India being a developing nation is in need of medical care at minimal costs. That’s where MED 24x7 steps in and makes a difference. Our services and products come with reasonable charges. Purchasing from our online store or Brick & Mortar stores is made cost-effective with no quality gaps.

Customised Senior Citizen Health-Care

MED 24x7 takes personalised care for senior citizens, making sure to take care of their physical, emotional and mental wellness with customised plans for health-care check-ups and even taking them for regular recreational programs. All this is done to boost up the mind, body, soul and well-being of the elderly.

Customised MED 24x7 APP

MED 24x7 app has an extra edge. It isn’t only for business transactions; it’s highly informative as well. One can get facts on our paramedic services and can transact for equipment rentals or book a network ambulance or order FMCG & PET Products with a 24x7 delivery framework

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