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Dear All

I believe every one of you are ensured and doing fine and staying back at home protecting yourself and your dear ones from this dreadful COVID-19 contamination. is a paramedic affiliation which intends to start 24x7 clinical stores passing taking drugs and essential commodities, health safety & sanitation products constant at your home/office. Furthermore we will be there around as a paramedic to spare you of wellbeing related emergency and safely evacuate and transport you to the nearest hospital in your GPS location under the able guidance of an EMT/Specialist during your movement. We intend to acquire a comparable organisation like the 911 emergency organisation and help occupants at the hour of their wellbeing related emergency. We will update you once we start our operations.

Of the extensive number of things I have learned in building our business, the most huge is to focus on you, our customer, feels-it is the number 1 need of our association and moreover your association. As we haven't yet started the paramedic feature of our affiliation, we intend to start our online store from where you can purchase health safety & sanitation and wellness products which will safeguard you and your family from this dreaded contamination.

During this lockdown stage, as improvement is restricted, we are endeavouring to deliver things at your doorstep through our volunteers who are actually running the delivery mechanism. We are by and by offering a mass volume of merchandise for one to buy which can be utilised for all groups of your housing society/industrial facilities which are arranging to open up alongside workplaces too post lockdown.

My heart goes out to everyone during this questionable time. We are significantly stressed over everyone's prosperity and success first and first.

To add to that, expects to acquire the fundamental sanitation products at your residential society's doorstep as these health safety & sanitation products are confronting immense issues of supply to the consumer base in the open market. We are figuring out how to list a couple of items from our manufacturing friends who are currently manufacturing these sanitation products protecting the general public.

Our point is to get you the best of the wellness items and specifically at the right price.We have listed a couple and will add a couple of more products to our listings in the coming days for you to browse.

Thankful to you and stay safe.

Warm Respects,

Aniruddh A Basu


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