10 Ltr Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrators

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Product : 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator( Dual Flow) ONLY ON PRE-ORDER BASIS

  1. The product comes with Nebuliser Outlet and Oxygen Outlet.
  2. The flow is continuous and stable and can run upto 24 hours of time.
  3. The machine comes with high- efficiency molecular sieve and integrated high efficiency absorber which helps to supply and maintain stability of Oxygen supply.
  4. Intelligent noise reduction technology below 60DB
  5. Inhalation, more economical and convenient
  6. Intelligent Alarm System
Oxygen flow rate
Output pressure
Oxygen Concentration Input Power
0-10 0.035-.0.08 >90% <610 <60dB 27 395x350x620

Delivery Time: 21-25 days post payment.

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